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Covid-19 Info

Greetings from the Executive Director, Susan Griffin, and Team - June 2021

California is reopening! We, like all of you, celebrate this new opportunity to reconnect with our community. Throughout the pandemic, we remained open to serve you and your children because of our essential-service designation. While many of our usual activities were allowed throughout this pandemic – anything within walking distance continues to be the norm for us – we now look forward to allowing our families to use Lyft and Uber again for family outings!

Since March of 2020, our focus has been on the health and wellbeing of our entire organizational family. And a significant part of the Center’s family is children. With the child at the center of all we do, our reopening guidelines will continue to protect and nurture children.

We will continue to require all persons entering our facility to mask while you are inside, and will continue to do so until we all can be confident that our children are safe. Just to demonstrate how protective masks are for the little ones, 200 children in the US died from the flu in 2019, and just 1 child died from the flu in 2020.

With the children in mind, we will continue to require:

  1. No entry if you have symptoms of illness, have had recent symptoms, or have tested positive for covid – email to notify us;
  2. Mask wearing in the facility for all clients (and staff), age two (2) and older;
  3. Eating with plastic barriers in between for members of different households with children;
  4. Quarantine and negative Covid test prior to reentry once symptoms are reported; and
  5. You are invited to place proof of our vaccination status in our records, so just let us know if you want to do that.

We will update our policies and procedures as child health, safety, and vaccination information becomes available.

Please call (858) 286-7353 to leave a message, or email us at to convey your questions and information related to C-19.

We are all in this together and we are committed to your health and well-being.


Warm regards,

Susan and Team