Where Your Money Goes

Your Impact Starts HereWhen you make a financial donation to support Hannah’s Family Center, you’re helping to build stronger families, resilient children and ultimately, a healthier San Diego community. 

From trauma to peaceful, cooperative co-parenting:

The traumatic experiences of substance abuse and domestic violence tore apart the relationship of Sally (Mom) and Mark (Dad). Over a two year period, with the support of Hannah’s Family Center family programs, Sally and Mark learned to prioritize the needs of their child, Kyle. They were able to safely navigate from the highly structured environment of supervised visitation between Mark and Kyle to a 50/50 shared parenting plan, all without ever returning to court. Sally and Mark gradually  rebuilt trust in each other and both parents were committed to finding positive solutions.

Today, Kyle is a thriving and happy child, loved and supported by both parents, two step-parents, and a wide circle of loving friends and families in both of his homes. Sally and Mark say that they never would have found peaceful and lasting resolutions without the safety net provided by Hannah’s Family Center and the network of family programs that helped them to repair and rebuild their family bonds.

The Transitions Program was created to offer comprehensive therapeutic services to assist family members of all ages and needs to make successful transitions when facing challenging changes in the family.

We provide forensic, clinical and personal assessments; outpatient services for education and counseling for individuals, couples, and families.

We provide child-centered supervised visitation and safe exchange services to children and parents who are coping with a family breakup.

Our Animal Staff is unique! Reptiles, amphibians, bugs, and spiders! Children tend to love them and grown-ups more often than not a little stand-offish or just plain scared 🙂

We provide free resources to all parents in the San Diego community: parenting classes, support groups for moms and for dads; Kids Only Book Club; and the San Diego Parenting Helpline for parents who are new to our Center.