Comprehensive Service List

Our service philosophy is whole-family and child-centered. We view each family as an integrated system, whether parents live together or live separately. For this reason, we request that court orders for all Transitions services apply to all family members with their participation determined by the assigned clinical staff.

Transitions Program: Court-Ordered Services Only
  • Therapeutic Structured Parent-Child Time (formerly called Therapeutic Visitation)
  • Safe Passages (9-12 month Multi-Modal Family Intervention when there is parent-child estrangement).
        • Services include: Attendance at specific free services; Psychoeducational classes; Parent/Co-parent Coaching; Therapies: individual, family, sibling, parent-child with each parent.
        • Phases move from high frequency contact to low frequency as family members show improvement and progress toward individual and family goals
        • Multiple (wrap-around) services for all family members
            • 1st Phase 2-3 per week
            • 2nd Phase 1-2 per week
            • 3rd Phase 1 bi-weekly
            • 4th Phase monthly
            • 5th Phase 3 month, 6 month, and 9 month check ins 
Transitions: Co-Parenting Services (voluntary & court-ordered)
  • Facilitated Co-parenting Meetings – both co-parents participate in all steps. Each co-parents is assigned a Therapist-Coach
        • Individual parenting/co-parenting education and coaching sessions that include healthy conflict resolution skills
        • Individual agenda item identification – must be mutually agreed for final agenda
        • Preparation of each coparent individually for an in-person meeting and determine readiness
        • Initial meeting with co-parents on approved agenda with clear rules for verbal and non-verbal behavior
        • Meeting schedule determined by results of initial meeting with co-parents
  • Co-parent Coaching – Individual
        • Communication coaching
            • Skills for responding vs reacting – learn self-restraint & preparation
            • Skills for drafting requests and responses first – don’t push send
            • Text/email support between coaching sessions
Transitions: Therapy (voluntary & court-ordered)
  • Individual Adult / Child (age 4-17)
  • Couples
  • Family (all family constellations)
  • Parent-Child therapy
  • Domestic Violence Victims – Adult and Child
  • Transitions is an approved provider with the California
        • Victims Compensation Board
Transitions: Psycho-educational  (voluntary & court-ordered)
  • Co-parenting Class
  • Co-parenting Coaching
  • Anger Management/Emotion Regulation Class
  • Positive Parenting Class
  • Parent Coaching – Individual and Couples
  • Family Court Preparation
Transitions: Family Substance Use Clinic Services  (voluntary & court-ordered)
  • Forensic Substance Use Disorder Assessments
  • Ask about:
    • Individual and family education & counseling outpatient services
Transitions: Free Support Services (voluntary ONLY)
  • Weekly Support Groups – Children (Child & Teen Groups)
  • Weekly Dads Resource & Support Groups
  • Weekly Moms Support Groups
  • Co-parenting Workshop (4th Saturday 10 am – 12 pm)
2 Home Kids: Court-ordered only
  • Supervised Visitation
2 Home Kids: Court Ordered and Voluntary
  • Virtual Supervised Visitation
  • Supervised Phone Visitation
  • Supervised Safe Exchange
  • Mail, package, property transfers
  • Home Safety Checks
  • Private Family Rooms for Virtual Court Appearances for Children or Adults (digital equipment provided if needed)