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Hannah’s Family Center offers individual adult, couples, child and whole family therapy. We are specialists in meeting the unique needs of individuals, couples and families experiencing challenges due to unexpected loss, change, or trauma. It may be a threat to the couples relationship; an overwhelming parenting problem; a medical or mental health diagnosis; conflicts about coparenting; single-parent issues, or blended family troubles. For each person, we individualize our therapy services and unite with your family to stabilize, manage, and heal. Our experienced professional staff includes Licensed Family and Marriage Therapists, trainees, interns and associates in training for a postgraduate degree under the supervision of a licensed mental health professional


Hannah’s Family Center offers Family Life Education. Each service is provided by a therapist who individualizes the curriculum to the needs and situation of the client. For families, we tailor our curriculum based on the ages, genders, and needs of the children. Class topics include Positive Parenting; Co-parenting, Anger Management/Emotion Regulation; Family Screen Use Plans; Substance Use. Curriculums include homework with videos, webinars, books, articles and developmental materials. Hannah’s Family Center also offers Free Resources for Parents, including a weekly Parenting Power Hour, available to all parents seeking positive parenting tips; monthly co-parenting workshop; weekly support
groups for both Moms and Dads.

Family Substance Use Clinic

Hannah’s Family Center has been providing substance use assessments and individualized counseling programs for the Family Court since our inception in 1988, building a solid reputation for excellence. Our Family Substance Use Clinic provides forensic, clinical and personal assessments. We provide outpatient services for education and counseling for individuals, couples, and families. Virtual education sessions are conducted by masters level counselors and our services are designed for any family system in need of intervention, counseling and referrals. Family-friendly and easy access for all. Contact for more information.

Family Court Related

Hannah’s Family Center has been serving Family Court families since 1988, supporting families in their transition from one unhappy home to two happy homes by teaching parents to co-parent peacefully and minimize the conflict that causes harm to a child’s social, emotional and cognitive development. Hannah’s Family Center provides a dedicated, secure facility for Family Court families. We deliver family services in a safe and child-welcoming environment and we are open every day of the year.

Our professional supervision and therapy staff members deliver a network of critical wrap-around family services through our Safe Passages Project, designed to reduce mental, behavioral and social problems that frequently arise during the difficult transition of family breakup. We know that family functioning improves when all members of a family participate in best-fit services and skill-building classes. We strive to build strong and resilient families that stop the repetitive cycle of family dysfunction across generations.

Our programs are designed on a research-to-practice foundation: we integrate research findings into our service delivery models, continuing to evaluate and improve service delivery as new research becomes available. We provide compassionate, empathic, and respectful treatment of all parents regardless of the shared parent status or the family constellation.

Our Programs

Transitions Program

The Transitions Program was created to offer comprehensive therapeutic services to assist family members of all ages and needs to make successful transitions when facing challenging changes in the family.

Substance Use Clinic

We provide outpatient services for education and counseling for individuals, couples, and families.

Human Animal Bond Program

Our Animal Staff is unique! Reptiles, amphibians, bugs, and spiders! Children tend to love them and grown-ups more often than not a little stand-offish or just plain scared 🙂


Each service is individualized to the co-parenting situation and the ages, genders, and needs of the children. Curriculums include homework with videos, webinars, books, articles and developmental materials

2 Home Kids

We provide child-centered supervised visitation and safe exchange services to children and parents who are coping with a family breakup.

Free Resources

We provide free resources to all parents in the San Diego community: parenting classes, support groups for moms and for dads; Kids Only Book Club; and the San Diego Parenting Helpline for parents who are new to our Center.