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We help families navigate unexpected challenges that shake their foundation. We believe that a family is a circle of people who love us, so we welcome you and your circle

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We strengthen resilience in parents and children experiencing challenges which affect the well-being of the family

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Our family-oriented programs facilitate positive change in the lives of everyone we touch.

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We affirm children and empower parents to heal and prevent physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive health effects in this generation and in those to come.

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Just For You

We offer affordable and accessible family therapies and services individualized to the needs of each person in your family.


Family Services

We provide classes, coaching, and therapies to help all family members become their best possible self for family life now and for the future.


Learn Skills

We offer meaningful support to help parents heal their traumas, enhance positive parenting/co-parenting skills and increase expressions of parental warmth to the child. We help children learn the skills to successfully navigate big family changes.

Substance Use

"I need a drink” has become a common colloquialism in our society. For Ann, that familiar refrain became troublesome as she found herself caught in a 30+ year pattern of binge drinking to cope with ...READ MORE

- Anonymous

Domestic Violence

Angela, a divorced mother of two, was a domestic violence survivor who came to Hannah’s Family Center after 4 years of litigation in Family Court. By that time, her situation was dire: Angela was suicidal ...READ MORE

- Angela

Stronger and Thriving Together

The 11-member blended Fioroni family was referred to us after a traumatic family trauma that shook their very foundation. The parents were emotionally shattered and the children were deeply impacted as they tried to cope ...READ MORE

- Fioroni Family

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