Make Successful Transitions

Hannah’s Family Center’s Transitions Program offers parents and children the care and support they need when their family is coping with mental health and substance use issues, domestic violence, family separation, and other unexpected loss and change.

Transitions Program

The Transitions Program was created to offer comprehensive therapeutic services to assist family members of all ages and needs to make successful transitions when facing challenging changes in the family.


Program Services

Individual Adult Therapy

Counseling for Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and adult trauma; domestic violence; substance use; depression and anxiety; unexpected loss and change.

Child Therapy

Ages 4 to 17. Relational play therapy, tailored to the gender, age, and developmental needs of each child.

Couples Therapy

Relationship-based couples therapy focuses on communication skills, conflict resolution, and developing an understanding of how our family histories impact daily life and current relationships.

Family Therapy

This includes all types of families including those who live together, those who live separately, multi-generational, blended, grandparents raising grandchildren, caretakers and guardians.

Parent-Child Therapy

This is a form of family therapy that focuses on improving relationships between parents and their children. The therapist guides parent-child interactions to facilitate positive change in the relationship.

Family Court Involved Family Services

Some Transitions services must be court-ordered, some may be, and some must be voluntary. Comprehensive Service List

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Other Programs

Substance Use Clinic

We provide outpatient services for education and counseling for individuals, couples, and families.

2 Home Kids

We provide child-centered supervised visitation and safe exchange services to children and parents who are coping with a family breakup.

Human Animal Bond Program

Our Animal Staff is unique! Reptiles, amphibians, bugs, and spiders! Children tend to love them and grown-ups more often than not a little stand-offish or just plain scared 🙂


Learn more about how to improve your co-parenting relationship to meet the needs of your children.

Free Resources

Each service is individualized to the co-parenting situation and the ages, genders, and needs of the children. Curriculums include homework with videos, webinars, books, articles and developmental materials.